What do I need to buy for hot tub maintenance?

September 21, 2021
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The essential items you need for hot tub maintenance

Hot tub maintenance is necessary for boosting the longevity of your hot tub and making sure you get the most out of it. Hot tubs should provide a therapeutic, relaxing and fun experience. If your tub water is filled with dirt and bacteria, this is going to greatly hinder your enjoyment and can put your health at risk.

If you want to know more about hot tub care but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together a handy guide with the most essential items you need to maintain a hygienic, relaxing environment for soaking.

Hot tub filters

Hot tub filters are important for removing dirt, debris and other contaminants from hot tub water. Hot tub water care will be enhanced by an efficient filtration system designed to keep your hot tub environment clean and fresh for regular use.

You should regularly rinse and clean your filters to make sure that they don’t get clogged up with dirt and stop working as they should. When hot tub filters get dirty, they can begin to break down and this will result in dirty tub water.

Make sure you rinse off your filters on a weekly basis, simply by running them under a tap or giving them a blast with the hose.

You can clean your filters monthly using a special filter cleaner.

Hot tub chemicals

Hot tub chemicals are required to keep your tub water clean and hygienic. They prevent bacteria growth and keep your hot tub environment safe and enjoyable.


The main two types of hot tub sanitisers are chlorine and bromine.


Chlorine is a popular choice of hot tub sanitiser because it works very quickly and is effective at killing bacteria. Chlorine sanitisers can be purchased in tablet or granule form and should be added to hot tub water in small quantities.

The downsides of using chlorine is that it has a very strong, unpleasant odour and can be quite harsh on the skin and towards the respiratory system. For those with sensitive skin and wanting something more odourless, bromine is a better option.


Bromine is another type of sanitiser that is effective at killing bacteria for a longer period of time but it works at a slower pace than chlorine. Bromine also has a lower pH level than chlorine and can balance the chemistry of the water at a more stable rate. It is also softer on the skin and has a much more subtle odour.

The downsides of using bromine is that it can be difficult to wash off the skin, cannot be stabilised if exposed to UV light and might affect the clarity of the water.

Note: Hot tub chemical handling should be met with caution and after carefully reading instructions on the product to minimise risk to public health and safety.

Hot tub water chemistry (pH increaser and decreaser)

Having a balanced pH level (it should be between 7.2 and 7.8). Hot tub water balancing is important for maintaining a hygienic environment and avoiding skin irritation.

pH increaser and decreaser can be added to hot tub water to balance alkalinity and adjust your hot tub pH levels as required.

Filter cleaner

Hot tub filters require a regular clean and they are an integral component of hot tub maintenance. Hot tub filters prevent dirt and debris from building up in your hot tub and keep the water clean. However, if your filters get dirty and clogged up, then your hot tub water will also get dirty.

It is recommended that you use a filter cleaner once a month to keep your filters clean and functioning efficiently.

No foam

Hot tub water can become foamy as a result of a number of things such as soaps, shampoo, detergents etc. No foam solution can help to remedy foamy hot tub water by removing build-up in your tub.

Hot tub chemical kits

Hot tub chemical kits are ideal for maintenance because they include everything you could need to keep your hot tub running efficiently and hygienically.

A hot tub chemical kit will include: pH increaser and decreaser, foam away, bromine or chlorine and test strips.

Hot tub features

Aside from the essentials needed to keep your hot tub environment clean, you may also want to add some of the following features to your tub to make maintenance even easier.

Hot tub covers

Hot tub covers are essential for keeping your hot tub clean when it’s not in use. A hot tub cover will keep dirt, debris, insects and small children out of the tub; making them ideal for both preservation and safety purposes.

A hot tub spa cover also traps heat, saving money by not having to keep reheating the tub.


People lose a lot of body fluid in a hot tub (as unpleasant a fact as that sounds) and your spa water can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and other contaminants without a proper filtration system.

Opting for a high-quality filtration system and choosing the right hot tub filter for you can improve hot tub circulation and keep your water fresh for longer.

The bottom line

Every hot tub owner needs to set up some kind of hot tub maintenance schedule in order to keep their hot tub running for as long as possible and at its most efficient.

Hot tub sanitisation is necessary for keeping tub water clean and safe for soaking. In order to reap the most benefits from your tub, you will need to keep on top of maintenance.

You should also drain and refill your hot tub every six months to keep the water fresh and to provide the ultimate spa experience.

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