Hot Tub Maintenance

Ensure your hot tub runs perfectly for years to come.

Hot tubs are meant to be relaxing, so it’s important that maintenance is hassle-free. Tubs Direct can regularly service your hot tub, and you’ll find a range of how-to guides and cleaning chemicals across our site to keep maintenance simple.

Protect Your Hot Tub With Our Comprehensive Maintenance Packages

Hot tub maintenance needn’t be time-consuming or costly. At Tubs Direct, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure your hot tub stays in top shape. Take a look at our maintenance packages below:

Gold Package

£300 p/a or £25 p/m standing order

1 x 12-month service to maintain jets, pipework and pump heaters

To empty, clean and refill hot tub

Platinum Package

£600 p/a or £50 p/m standing order

2 x 6-month service to maintain jets, pipework and pump heaters

To empty, clean and refill hot tub

35% discount against chemicals and filters

Book a Maintenance Service

Is your hot tub in need of some TLC? A member of our team can come down to inspect, maintain and clean your hot tub at a time and date that suits you. Make sure to book your service now.

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Hot Tub Maintenance FAQs

Are Hot Tubs High Maintenance?

The main reason people want a hot tub is to kick back and relax; there’s no room in a hot tub for added stress. This is why most hot tubs these days require very little maintenance. As a rough guide, here’s an average breakdown of how long hot tub maintenance takes:

  • Water treatment: 5 minutes
  • Filter cleaning: 15 minutes
  • Draining, cleaning and refilling: 4 to 5 hours (Only required 3 to 4 times per year)

How Often Should I Change the Hot Tub Water?

Regularly cleaning your water means you won’t have to change it too often. We recommend emptying and refilling your hot tub every three to four months depending on how much use it sees.

Over time, water can become oversaturated, meaning the chemicals won’t break down and contaminants won’t dissolve. Changing your hot tub water a few times each year allows you to enjoy a cleaner and more relaxing soak.

What Chemicals Do You Use in a Hot Tub?

It’s important to use the right chemicals in your hot tub to keep it clean, to maintain a healthy pH level, to kill bacteria to keep the water clear and stabilised with the right levels of hardness.

When carrying out hot tub maintenance, these are the chemicals we use and recommend to our customers:

Chlorine or Bromine: These chemicals are used to kill bacteria. Both work well, but bromine is a little more expensive. This is because bromine works better at higher temperatures and doesn’t cause skin irritation that can occur when using chlorine.

Hardness Increaser: A hardness increaser raises the levels of calcium in your hot tub water. Finding the right calcium balance is important for both you and the hot tub as it will prevent:

  • Scale build-up
  • Skin irritation
  • Cloudy water
  • Metal corrosion
  • “Slimy” water

What Should I Do if My Hot Tub is Having Issues?

It depends on the issue. Anything electrical will require a trained expert, but something as simple as cloudy water can be resolved by yourself quite quickly. If in doubt, it’s always best to call in a professional.

Make sure to check out our hot tub maintenance guides first to see if there is a straightforward solution. And remember, all of our hot tubs come under warranty to give you peace of mind.

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