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How We Deliver Your Hot Tub

As you can imagine, hot tubs aren’t exactly the easiest objects to move, which is why we will never leave you to arrange your own transport. Our team is on hand to deliver your new hot tub, swim spa or sauna, meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing.

But while we take care of all the heavy lifting, there are a few steps you can take so delivery can run as smoothly as possible.

Keep the Area as Clear as Possible

Most deliveries are completed with a van and a spa dolly cart — a specialist trailer which is used to deliver hot tubs. The van and cart combined are roughly 7m long, so it’s important that we have enough room to park up outside your home, and that we can detach the trailer safely.

Make Sure Someone Can Accept the Delivery

We pride ourselves on sticking to a schedule, so you can be sure that we’ll arrive exactly when we say we will. If there are any unforeseen issues (such as a road closure), we’ll contact you as soon as possible with a new estimated time of arrival. With that said, please make sure someone is at home when we arrive, as we won’t be able to complete the delivery otherwise.

Let Us Know if You Need to Make New Arrangements

Life happens, and the date and time we agree on to deliver your hot tub may no longer be convenient. If you need to rearrange the delivery, we would really appreciate it if you could let us know as soon as you can. Tubs Direct always tries to accommodate requests, and giving us plenty of notice means we can make other arrangements.

Choose a Service

Choose a Service

We can complete your hot tub delivery in any way that suits you. If preferred, we can provide you with a simple kerbside delivery, delivery & positioning, or a full installation. Take a look at the different methods below:

Kerbside Delivery

A kerbside delivery is exactly how it sounds; we’ll deliver your hot tub to your address, meaning you can prepare it for installation how you see fit.

Delivery & Positioning

This service means we will prepare the hot tub for installation. No matter where you want your hot tub to be installed, we will make sure it’s in the right place. This may incur extra costs, which we will be completely upfront with you about before we carry out the delivery.

Full Installation

Full installation means we handle every aspect of your hot tub delivery and installation. This ensures everything is set up properly and saves you the most time and hassle. Make sure to check out our installation page for the full details. Likewise, this may incur extra costs, which we are more than happy to discuss with you before delivery.

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Hot Tub Delivery FAQs

How Much Does a Hot Tub Delivery Cost?

Absolutely nothing. When you purchase a hot tub, swim spa or sauna through Tubs Direct, it comes with free delivery. We want your hot tub to be a source of relaxation, which is why delivery is automatically arranged for you. Setting up transportation yourself can be complicated and expensive, so make sure to order through us and avoid having to tackle a costly burden by yourself.

I’m Based Nowhere Near Bury or Manchester…

Not to worry. Tubs Direct may be based in Bury, but we deliver nationwide. It doesn’t matter where you’re based, we promise to deliver to you.

I’m Not Sure a Hot Tub Can be Delivered to My Address…

We’ve faced challenging deliveries before, and we’ve successfully completed all of them. Even if you’re based in an apartment building and want to install a hot tub on the balcony, we find a way to accommodate. However, please note that specialist equipment required to complete a delivery may incur extra costs.

Is a Hot Tub Delivery Really Free?

It is when you order through Tubs Direct. Arranging your own transportation can be expensive and means you’re liable. We take away the stress and additional costs by delivering your hot tub to your exact location for free.

When Will My Hot Tub be Delivered?

We strive to complete all deliveries within X days. You will be kept up-to-date throughout the process, and we will make sure you’re happy with the date and time before making any arrangements.

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