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Hydro Hot Tub


Hydro Highlights

  • Relax in a spacious one-lounger, five-seat hot tub
  • Unwind while 25 powerful jets work their magic
  • Set the right mood with ambient LED lighting
  • Let the music carry you away with Bluetooth connectivity

Hydro By Name, Hydro By Nature

‘Hydro’ is an Ancient Greek term that simply means ‘water’. Who says you can’t learn anything about History or Linguistics on a website dedicated to hot tubs? But it’s a very fitting term; if you’re looking for a solid model that does exactly what it says, the Hydro hot tub is definitely one to consider.

The Hydro was made with relaxation in mind. 25 massage jets will work their way through any aches and niggles you have. And with plenty of space for up to six people, family and friends will be chomping at the bit for you to throw a garden party or BBQ this summer.

A Hydro hot tub is a great choice if you’ve been searching for an easy-to-use, low maintenance model. There’s nothing complicated about this make, but there are plenty of bells and whistles for you to enjoy such as bluetooth connectivity and LED lighting.

Once you take your first dip in a Hydro hot tub, you’ll instantly realise just how great it is for you, your family and friends. If you’re looking for a larger hot tub with a range of features, this is definitely the right model for you.


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Shipping & Installation

With dimensions of 2000 x 2000 x 850mm and a weight of 350kg, we insist on handling the shipping of your Hydro hot tub to guarantee its safe arrival. Delivery is free across our entire hot tub range.

Don’t worry if you’re located in a hard-to-reach area, or you’re concerned about how your new hot tub will be installed; we always find a way to ensure a successful installation. From fitting hot tubs on balconies to drafting in cranes to reach even the most difficult spots, you can be certain that Tubs Direct will have your brand new Hydro hot tub all set up and ready for you to enjoy in next to no time*.

*Terms and conditions apply. Installation may incur additional costs.




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