Superior Saunas Oriana


The Oriana 3 person sauna is the ideal addition to any family home looking to relax, rejuvenate after playing sports or hitting the gym, or for hosting company.

Built using state of the art, low EMF technology, the Oriana sauna uses 2000W infrared heaters to target your muscles and offer greater penetration than a traditional sauna.

Traditional saunas heat the air which then heats the body. Infrared heaters heat your body directly, maximising efficiency and producing better results.

Heat therapy has been proven to stimulate blood flow, increase your flexibility and repair damaged tissue. Having the opportunity to use this technology in the comfort of your own home and any time you want is a huge benefit and a luxury that many people are opting for nowadays.

The beautifully stylish unit is constructed of Canadian Hemlock that offers durability and will not warp if it comes into contact with moisture.

Recreate that magical spa feeling with the Oriana 3 person sauna for a well-earned rest and rejuvenation. Make use of the Bluetooth compatible, fully integrated sound system to listen to your favourite music and set the ambience with the multi-coloured LEDs at your disposal.

This really is a taste of luxury in your home, you will be able to use the sauna at your own convenience rather than sticking to gym or spa schedules – perfect for when you want to relax anytime.


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