Superior Saunas Elio


We all need a little bit of me time and if you dream of escaping on your own personal spa retreat, the Superior Saunas Elio is here to help you do just that without so much as setting foot outside your door.

Yes, if you’d like to bring the charm of an alpine spa into your home, the Elio single person sauna is specially designed to warm the cockles of your heart.

Constructed from high-quality, heat and moisture-resistant Hemlock wood, this reliable home sauna offers luxury and longevity, ensuring the perfect, self-contained sauna experience without the worry of warping.

Furthermore, the Elio’s 1200W infrared heater is perfectly positioned to emit the temperature of your choice, relaxing your muscles and easing your mind in supreme comfort.

All this amounts to the perfect, personalised home spa experience, but there’s more to this sauna than meets the eye and the Elio offers more than just heat.

It also boasts serene, mood-enhancing LED lighting tailored to provide an ethereal ambience that’s proven to calm the mind and help improve the mentality of its users.

Combined with a superb, in-built Bluetooth sound system, this little box of heaven can do big things for your heart and soul, transporting you to your own personal Eden whenever you need to escape.

So, if you’re in the market for peace of mind, the Superior Saunas Elio could be the answer to your home-spa dreams.

Simply put on your favourite chill-out tracks, sit back, close your eyes and drift away to that snow-covered, alpine forest.


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