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Platinum Spas Tokyo Hot Tub


Tokyo Highlights

  • Relax in a spacious 6-person hot tub
  • Experience the sensation of 89 powerful massage jets
  • Set the right mood with LED lighting
  • Keep things straightforward with an easy-to-use Balboa control system

Land of the Rising Fun

Let’s be honest, we all want a little more fun and excitement in our lives. Life is meant for living after all, and you can do exactly that with a Tokyo hot tub. And in our opinion, a trip to the tub in your back garden can be just as good — if not better — than jet setting to Japan to visit the hot tub’s namesake.

To start, there’s plenty of room for you and your family in the Tokyo hot tub, which is more than we can say for flying. One lounger and five seats with oodles of leg space sure beats being cramped on an aeroplane. And that’s not even mentioning the amount of time you save by going for a dip in a hot tub instead. It takes over 13 hours to get to Tokyo from Manchester, but only 13 seconds from your living room to the back garden.

But that’s just one aspect to the age-old debate over hot tubs and holidays. We know what you really want to do is sit back and relax when you go away, but is that really possible in Japan? Tokyo is the most populated city in the world, meaning you’ll struggle to find a bit of elbow room. But with dimensions of 2230 x 2230 x 940mm, the Tokyo hot tub provides ample space to unwind.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. The Tokyo hot tub sounds like a lot of fun, but how can it compare to the sights and the sounds of the city? The bright lights and attractions you see across the Akihabara and Kichijoji districts are great and all, but the Tokyo hot tub also comes with LED lights and bluetooth, so you can easily recreate the same vibrant atmosphere.

Put simply, there’s a reason why we dubbed the Tokyo hot tub as the Land of the Rising Fun. We’re sure you’ll agree once you take your first dip.


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Shipping & Installation

With dimensions of 2230 x 2230 x 940mm and a weight of 350kg, we insist on handling the shipping of your Tokyo hot tub to guarantee its safe arrival. Delivery is free across our entire hot tub range.

Don’t worry if you’re located in a hard-to-reach area, or you’re concerned about how your new hot tub will be installed; we always find a way to ensure a successful installation. From fitting hot tubs on balconies to drafting in cranes to reach even the most difficult spots, you can be certain that Tubs Direct will have your brand new Tokyo hot tub all set up and ready for you to enjoy in next to no time*.

*Terms and conditions apply. Installation may incur additional costs.






Midnight Canyon, Odyssey, Sterling Silver

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