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Mercury Hot Tub


Mercury Highlights

  • Lie back and chill in a roomy two-lounger, one seat hot tub
  • Loosen your knots and niggles with 52 massage jets
  • Let the mood take you away with ambient LED lighting
  • Play your favourite music with bluetooth connectivity

A Hot Tub That’s Out of This World

The planet Mercury has had a tough life. A single day there lasts nearly two Earth months, it’s constantly being barraged by meteors, and its temperature goes from one extreme to the other. So, if you had a choice, would you boldly go where no one’s gone before and visit the planet, or would you rather spend some time in a Mercury hot tub instead? Yeah, we’d pick the tub, too.

Extreme temperature is no problem for the Mercury hot tub. An easy-to-use Gecko control system lets you set the ideal temperature whether you’re chilling on a balmy summer’s evening or taking a dip in the rain. You can also kick back and relax with ambient LED lighting and bluetooth connectivity to really zone out.

Mercury might be the smallest planet in our solar system, but three-person hot tub models don’t have to be anywhere near that compact. Dimensions of 2200 x 1700 x 940mm will give you and another very special person plenty of room to stretch on the comfortable loungers. And if you’re feeling generous, there’s an extra seat for a third person to enjoy as well.

Did we also mention that the Mercury hot tub has 52 massage jets? Any aches, pains and niggles will soon be washed away with that much power.

If you’re looking for a model that’s out of this world, the Mercury hot tub is the perfect option. Great for singles, couples and small groups, this make has everything you need to chill out and relax whenever the mood strikes you.


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Shipping & Installation

With dimensions of 2200 x 1700 x 940mm and a weight of 275kg, we insist on handling the shipping of your Mercury hot tub to guarantee its safe arrival. Delivery is free across our entire hot tub range

Don’t worry if you’re located in a hard-to-reach area, or you’re concerned about how your new hot tub will be installed; we always find a way to ensure a successful installation. From fitting hot tubs on balconies to drafting in cranes to reach even the most difficult spots, you can be certain that Tubs Direct will have your brand new Mercury hot tub all set up and ready for you to enjoy in next to no time*.

*Terms and conditions apply. Installation may incur additional costs.






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