Balboa instruments are the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic control systems for the hot tub industry and the recognised leaders for innovation, ease of use, and reliability.

Tubs Direct offers hut tub models equipped with Balboa’s latest generation of solid state panels and controllers which have no moving parts, to ensure that they are super reliable, dependable and easy to operate Our new spa touch panels make easy work of controlling all the functions in your hot tub. A large screen displays the bathing temperature, and simple fingertip touch pads allow easy adjustment of all the hot tubs’s features including temperature, jets, lighting etc.

 New SmartPhone™ application with WiFi connect!

Take control of your hot tub  remotely! Sit back and enjoy the all new hot tub Application for your SmartPhone™.

Take control of your spa anywhere at anytime.
Set the temperature, heat mode, lights and pumps all with a single touch.