Hot Tub Fragrances And Crystals

Hot tub fragrances and crystals

Our hot tub fragrances and crystals create the ultimate relaxing experience as well as nursing common aches and pain. We offer a range of indulgent and sensual aromas, including natural minerals, herbs and botanicals that leave the skin soft, supple and glowing.

Read on to find more about our hot tub fragrances and crystals, or browse our range here.

Which fragrances and aromas do you offer?

We offer a wide range of hot tub fragrances and aromas to enhance your hot tub experience. Here’s a full list of what we offer:

Green tea
White musk
French vanilla
Flora wood
Ocean mist
Pina colada

You can browse our full range of hot tub fragrances and crystals here

Our best hot tub fragrances for…

Looking for a fresh fragrance for a particular occasion? We’ve got you covered. Our fragrances and crystals have been designed to get you in the mood, whether that’s for relaxation, throwing a party or a romantic night in.


Looking to unwind after a long day at work? We recommend the Spazazz Ocean Mist aroma, which will help you relax, unwind and gently soothe away any stress and tension.


Need an energy boost? Our spirit-lifting Spazazz pomegranate fragrance will enliven the senses and give you the kick-start you need.


Detoxes don’t just involve diet. The Spazazz detox therapy range is packed full of vitamins to replenish and heal the body. The range features a whole host of natural blends and aromatic fragrances.

Muscle therapy

Help your body recover after a strenuous gym session with muscle-relaxing aromatherapy crystals. We recommend the Spazazz muscle therapy crystals that come with added vitamins to ease those aches and pains.


Hot tub? Tick. Music? Tick. Guest? Tick. Now you just need the fragrances. Check out a whole host of unique and tantalising hot tub crystals that’ll help get any party started.

Couple’s night in

What a better way to spend a couple’s night than in the hot tub? The Spazazz His and Hers fragrances selection will help you get in the mood too, with a range of exotic aromas to choose from.

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