Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot tub chemicals

Hot tub chemicals help keep hot tubs hygienic, fresh and crystal clear. They’re important for keeping bacteria at bay and the environment safe to be in, so it’s key to get the right chemicals for your hot tub. Read on to find out which hot tub chemicals you need.

Which hot tub chemicals do I need?

Different hot tub chemicals have different benefits and have to be used together to create the perfect hot tub environment. Here is a list of what you need:

  • Sanitisers to help prevent bacteria growth in hot environments.
  • pH increaser and decreaser help increase or decrease the pH level in a hot tub to avoid the water being too acidic or alkaline to prevent skin irritation and water clouding.
  • Filter cleaner improves water circulation and the clarity of the water.
  • Test strips let you see the pH level of the hot tub water.
  • No foam/foam away does exactly as it sounds and prevents your hot tub from foaming.
  • Hot tub chemical kits are all-in-one solutions that include everything you need to keep your hot tub in working order.

Hot tub sanitisers

Hot tubs are warm environments and you know what loves to breed in a warm environment? Bacteria. Sanitisers will help control and prevent bacteria from fostering by effectively killing it off to keep your hot tub hygienic.

There are two main types of sanitser to consider: chlorine and bromine. Chlorine sanitser will help to kill bugs and is especially effective at combating algae. Bromine, on the other hand, is slightly more expensive, but performs strongly at high temperatures and doesn’t give off the gasses that chlorine does, which can lead to skin irritation for some people.

pH increasers and decreasers

It’s really important for your hot tub to have the optimum pH level, between 7.2 and 7.8, to prevent skin irritation that can occur from water that’s too acidic or has too much alkaline.

A pH decreaser and/or increaser will help you monitor and adjust those levels. They both work to the same goal: to balance the water’s pH levels, so it’s always best to have both in the bag when you need them.

Filter cleaner

Your hot tub filter needs a regular clean to make sure dirt, hair, grease and debris is effectively removed. This helps keep the hot tub water clear, clean and free of skin irritants.

We recommend that you clean your filter once a week by giving it a quick rinse, then once a month using a chemical filter cleaner.

A chemical filter will more effectively remove the build-up of debris that can occur over time than a simple rinse. A quality hot tub filter cleaner won’t compromise the chemistry of the water either, which can happen if you use other methods of filter cleaning, such as a dishwasher or detergent.

Test strips

Hot tub test strips will give you the pH levels of your hot tub to indicate whether the water is too acidic or have too much alkaline – too much of either can cause the water to become cloudy or irritate skin.

No foam/foam away

No foam will help rid your hot tub of foamy water and build-up that can happen over time. Hot tub water can start to foam because of things such as sunscreen, soaps, shampoos, detergents and anything else that can subtly infiltrate the water from the human body.

It’s also best to choose a neutral no foam product to avoid chemical imbalance in the water.

Hot tub chemical kits

Hot tub chemicals kits are great because they give you everything you need to keep your hot tub in tip-top condition.

Typically, a hot tub chemical kit will include pH increasers, pH decreasers, foam away, bromine or chlorine and testing kits.

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