Hot Tub And Swim Spa Parts

Hot tub and swim spa parts

We stock a wide range of hot tub and swim spa high-quality parts which can be purchased to replace faulty parts or enhance your hot tub or swim spa experience. From stereos to pumps, lights to jets, we have you covered.

Read on to find out more about our hot tub and swim spa parts or browse our range here.

What hot tub and swim spa parts do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of parts to cover all types and faults and makes of hot tub. Below you can find a list of what we offer.


Great for giving an old hot tub a new look, theFlexible Spa Panel Kit consists of rolls of replacement panels that are easily installed by cutting to height and wrapping around the existing framework of any 8’x8’ or less spa.

Hot tub jets

We have a wide range of hot tub jet parts that can really enhance your hot tub experience, whether you’re after a gentle stream or a vigorous massage, we have the jet for you. We also stock multi-functional directional jets too.

Hot tub lights

Hot tub lights can really set the mood and enhance your hot tub experience. We stock a range of hot tub lights and leads, including energy saving and colour changing LED lights.

Stereo system

Take your hot tub experience to the next level with a spa stereo system – ideal for hosting summer garden parties to get people in the mood. We also stock subwoofers and stereos with built-in Bluetooth to really up your hot tub game.

General hot tub plumbing tools

All our pumps, nozzles, injectors and covers are manufactured to the highest standards so you are guaranteed a durable and reliable product.


Bacteria blasting ozonators will help keep your hot tub or swim spa a more hygienic place to be. An ozonator produces an ozone gas which is created when oxygen is exposed to ultraviolet light in order to effectively remove bacteria.

Heaters, switches & sensors

Heaters, switches and sensors all work together to keep your hot tub warm and at the perfect temperature. Warmth comes through the heaters, sensors monitor the temperature and switches let you adjust the temperature to your desired level.

Hot tub pillows

What better way to sit back and relax in the hot tub than with a hot tub pillow that provides extra support and comfort for your head, neck and shoulders. Choose from a range of different styles and comforts.

Hot tub PCB circuit boards

Intricately designed circuit boards help your hot tub’s electrical components function properly and smoothly and are vital for such things as your hot tub lights and stereo systems.

Filter housings

Hot tub filters are vital for keeping unwanted elements and contaminants away from your hot tub water and filter housings are important in protecting hot tub filters and prolonging their lifespan.

Handles, valves and diverters

Avoid investing in a costly brand new plumbing system with our handle, valve and diverter replacement parts that are integral to keeping your hot tub or swim spa flowing smoothly.

Jet backs/diffusers

High-quality jet diffusers to help you easily install replacement parts. All sizes available.

Vita screws/washers

Perfectly designed to keep your hot tub or swim spa running with ease. Designed for a long lasting life, they are perfect for use in and around water which will keep your hot tub running throughout the year.

Pumps and pump parts

Keep your hot tub and swim spa pumps in top working condition, including circulation pumps and air blowers.

Hot tub displays

Interactive displays and controllers help you customise your hot tub experience. We stock a range of touch display controllers and screens

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